Electric Car Charging (EV)

Through partnerships with smart home suppliers such as Rolec, we are able to provide EV charging solutions for the home, commercial locations, workplaces and fleets. We have a reputation for delivering cost-effective, scalable solutions to suit all budgets for your electric car charging requirements.



Our team have many years experience installing electric vehicle charging points and are qualified to supply and fit your domestic charging solutions to the highest possible standards.


For Businesses

Demonstrate employee commitment by providing the convenience of charging their vehicle at work. By meeting their needs, you can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.


Product Range

Set up your ultimate comfortable temperature, fully automating the room temperature depending on energy efficient daily routines, opened windows or someone coming home or leaving.

Info for home owners

We will work with you all the way through the process of buying and installing an EV charger. We can advise you about the grants that may be available to you, install your new EV charger and provide ongoing maintenance should you have any issues. It's an easy process for residential customers, and if you're looking to get a home car charging point installed for your car you just need to meet the following criteria:

  • Dedicated off-street parking
  • A Wi-Fi connection at your hour or a SIM router that has a 3G or 4G SIM installed in it
  • Permission from your landlord if you're renting your property
  • Home in mainland Great Britain

You may also be eligible for a government OLEV grant, but if you're not sure give us a ring on 01325 952700 and we can talk through the options with you.

Info for business owners

If you are a business that is wanting to provide complete end to end EV charging solutions for your employees in your car park, then we have a few options and benefits that will help you provide this and monitor how it is being used, such as:

  • Single and twin socket fast charge points options which can wither be wall mounted or free standing
  • User friendly software that allows you to set tariffs for your employees, track their usage as well as showing the CO2 savings that are being made
  • A load balancing system that allows you to maximise charge point numbers on your existing electricity supply
  • A scalable system that allows you to add more charge points to the network as the volume of your EV driving employees grows

Contact us on 01325 952700 and we can carry out a free site survey for you and provide a quote to show you all the costs involved.