Smart Home Automation

Through partnerships with smart home suppliers such as ABB-free@home, we are able to transform your home or workplace into a smart, intelligent building. With smart automation for your lights, blinds, heating and air-conditioning, door communication and scene control you can ensure that comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be controlled via a web browser, smartphone or tablet and from either within your network or remotely whilst on the go.


Light control

Switch and dim standard and RGB lights, call up predefined dimming values and light scenes. Control lights individually or as a group including via movement detection.


Blind control

Control shutters, blinds and curtains individually and in groups, via a button press, a timer or based on weather conditions. Featuring window monitoring and shading control.


Heating and cooling

Set up your ultimate comfortable temperature, fully automating the room temperature depending on energy efficient daily routines, opened windows or someone coming home or leaving.


Door communication

Welcome your guests via a centralised touch screen display, allowing door communication and "welcome scenes" that can be triggered upon the arrival of a visitor.



Activate a simulation when you're not at home as a deterrent from burglars, get notified on movement detection, an opened door/window and use a panic switch to turn on all the lights.


Scene control

Create or change scenes via an app on your phone or table, welcome guests, set the mood for a pleasant evening of relaxation, or set the scene for the movie of your choice on TV.

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